Thursday, July 03, 2003

July 3, 2003
Back from LA. Visited Graystone on Wednesday and saw their video factory. Went downstairs and walked thru the seven or eight video editing “bays” where two-person crews were busily piecing together a variety of shows like Conquest and Old West Tech. They produce almost half the shows on the History channel, from submarines to biographies. Very impressive. James Joyce (yes, that’s his name) and Tony showed me the rough cut of the first segment of the show I worked on in Lincoln. Pain-staking, tedious work. Long hours in the dark in front of a bank of computers. They were rushing to Fed-ex the piece to New York for the suits to look at.

Taped my interview at Al Frisch’s spread in Newhall yesterday morning. We taped outside and the sound interruptions were oppressive. Planes, weed-wackers, a woman on a bullhorn, horses clopping feed stalls. It must have taken two hours to get twenty minutes. During the downtime I learned that the cameraman lost his camera ($65K) and his truck during the OJ trial. Gang bangers realized that all these expensive cameras were downtown and ripe for the taking. They would walk right up to a camera truck and hijack it. Paul told me 70 cameras were stolen during the trial. I don’t remember ever hearing about that on the news.

The PA (production assistant) who drove me to the Sportsman Lodge is a shooter who worked on For Love Or Money, a reality show that Kathy watches. He gave me the inside skinny on the bachelor (rather shallow) and the bachelorettes (all but Paige were money-grubbers). Also learned other inside info like, Alan Ladd committed suicide. I think the official version was that a burglar had caused him to accidently shoot himself. After the glories of Shane, and The Badlanders Ladd was drinking heavily, couldn’t find work and was reduced to being a carpenter in Palm Springs. What a rough town. As Martin Mull put it, Hollywood is “high school with money.”

Saw the footage of the Turkey Creek Shootout. Very raw. Needs work.

Got an E-mail from Mark Boardman reacting to my many “posterial” references. Here’s his take on it:

“These frequent references to the posterial nether-regions paint an all too clear picture of an individual with an anal obsessiveness. A man whose life is lived where the sun never shines. A guy with a bum attitude. Of special concern is the seeming fascination with the concept of "jackass." We know that the word itself comes from the French ‘jacquez,’ pronounced ja-KWEZ. The American urban variant is ‘ja-KWEZ, mo-fo.’ In it's most recent meaning, the term refers to government officials who attempt to snub foreign countries by calling fried potato strips ‘freedom fries.’ This condition can only be treated by surgical removal of the cranium from the aforementioned orifice. Please don't try this at home. Instead, seek the services of a trained specialist, someone like Doc Holliday, Doc from Gunsmoke, or Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Side effects may include oral flatulence, ear turds, or irregularity of the saliva glands. In most cases, these are not fatal.”

“It often takes more courage to change one's opinion than to stick to it.”
—George Christoph Lichtenberg

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