Monday, October 10, 2005

October 10 , 2005
For those of you who tried to access The Arizona Republic Viewpoints piece I wrote for sunday’s edition and couldn’t get it, click here.

Yesterday afternoon, Kathy, Deena and I met down at Camelview Five for a Chilean film called Machuca which was about a young kid trying to come to grips with the Allende-Pinochet turmoil in Chile, circa 1973. I was expecting your typical left-leaning Marxist BS quasi-intellectual foo-foo, but most of it was quite profound and balanced. In fact, many class-oriented points were made quite nicely, either on purpose or by default. It wasn’t as brilliant as Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (by the way, when you are telling someone this movie title it tends to sound like you are saying, “Ball sack”).

Afterwards, thanks to a couple of lesbians standing in front of us, we tried a hipster cafe called Chelsea’s Kitchen on 40th just north of Camelback. Sat outside on the beautiful patio. Had the Ahi tuna tacos and a glass of Merlot. The girls split a salad. Apple pie a la mode for dessert ($72.06, includes tip, biz account, I bought).

My managing editor, Meghan Saar forwarded me a piece on the digital revolution. Here’s part of it that applies to us here at the magazine:

Magazines Further Experiment With Print's Digital Format
By BRIAN STEINBERG of Wall Street Journal September 20, 2005; Page B11

The digital-magazine concept is so new that publishers have differing
notions of how much to charge for them. Hearst and Playboy are asking
similar prices for both print and digital editions, with subscribers
able to choose one or the other. Fortune, meanwhile, is considering a
range of options.

The biggest challenge may be persuading people to abandon their
preference for turning pages with their own hands, says Demian Brink,
an associate media director at Interpublic Group's Martin Agency. "But
people used to hate the idea of paying for bottled water," he adds,
"and you know where that went."

”I'm a comedian. I love hypocrisy.”
—Steven Colbert, whose new show The Colbert Report starts next Monday

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