Monday, March 26, 2007

March 24, 2007
Drove out to Fountain Hills at two for their annual Library Days. It's about a forty minute hike. Followed Marshall Trimble in the main room. Decent crowd, sold about $250 worth of books and one subscription to Ron Feldman. If that name sounds familiar, he's the guy who thinks he's found the Lost Dutchman Mine. And, he was on The Jon Stewart Show last year when the Comedy Central show sent out a correspondant (Rob Cordrey?) to cover the Gay Rodeo at Rawhide. They asked Marshall Trimble to come on and slam the event, but he refused. Ron did not. I asked him what the experience was like and he told me it took all day to tape and he added, "They really could have made me look worse than I did and for that I thank them." If you'll remember the bit, Ron is quoted as saying he was tired of gays "cramming it down my throat," or, words to that effect. Hard to imagine what else they could have done to make him appear worse than that, but evidently he is relieved.

As my Winslow friend and Ninth Circuit Judge, Mike Hawkins puts it, "Publicity melts everyone." Too true.

Came home at six and got to do some painting. Wanted to develope an Apache medicine man for the Top Secret Project and had some good photo reference. Came up with this guy, in his wickiup, sneering at an intruder (that would be you and I):

Aslo had fun with some desert colors, attacking failed paintings, like this one, where I had nothing to lose:

We've got an offer up for binders so you can save your True West magazines in a classy way. You can order right here.

Onion Headline de Jour Put On 24-Hour Watch

"Don't argue—Dicker!"
—Joe Daignault, Sr.

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