Saturday, February 16, 2013

Louis CK Gets The Sanding O

February 16, 2013
   Yesterday was one of the original Zane Brother's birthday, so I treated Great Big Wonderful Russ to dinner and the Louis CK show at the Celebrity Theatre in downtown Phoenix. Kathy bought me the tickets last December for my birthday but the show was postponed until this weekend and she is in Spain, so I went with a Zane Master who would appreciate the biggest and baddest dog in comedy right now.

They were taping for an HBO Special so there was a big jib arm (camera crane) to our left that kept going up, down and in and out. It didn't block Louis but it was somewhat distracting. But evidently not as distracting as some goon ball and his date in the first row across from us. About a third of the way in, Louis literally stopped the show and told them to stop talking. He told them they were being rude and he was trying to tape a TV special for Chrissake. The guy kept talking (we couldn't hear from our seats) and Louis told them to "get the f--k out." He asked for security to physically take them out, but then the guy said something or other and Louis let it drop, got back on course and finished the show.

He did a bit about how lucky we are to be on Earth. It was very positive in a Louis CK way. He said how lucky we are to eat bacon: "When you have bacon in your mouth you don't care who the president is."

He also did a very edgy "Yes, but.. ." bit where he took on Make A Wish, soldiers dying overseas, which drew a gasp, so he snaps, "Hey, you laughed at the kids, so you have to go with me here." He said it's sad when our soldiers die overseas but they were there with a gun firing at other people, who maybe fired back." and then he shrugged the classic Louis CK shrug—Jus' saying'.

He talked about how older people are smarter than twenty-year-olds (when I looked around I would venture Russ and I were older than 95% of the audience by a good 15-20 years). He asked for anyone over 45 to make noise and the response was tepid at best and Louis said, "Now based on the response I would say there are 17 people in here over the age of 45 but I can see you and there's a whole lot more, but they know something you don't (implying the vast majority of kids in the audience). "You see, they know to never volunteer for anything until you know what it's for." Then he mocked up a Nazi and said, "Take them all out and burn them." Huge laugh.

Then he asked how many were under 45 and the place roared and he just looked out as if to say, "See, I told you. Not very smart." Ha. Totally nonverbal and the vast majority didn't even know they had been zinged. Russ and I loved and marveled at his ability to do this, right into the teeth of his audience. So damn brave.

But he didn't stop there. He mocked up a 55-year-old garbage collector and proceeded to tell us how he is smarter than a 30--year-old with three degrees, and a kid behind me yells, "No!" The kid was seriously offended. Clearly the kid with the degrees is way smarter. Louis calmly listed the things the 55-year-old has done that the genius kid has not: "He watched Nixon cry and then fly away in a helicopter": (he slowly tracks the copter overhead, craning his neck all the way around). "He took a bus to Montreal." And "He got a hand job at a fair from a miner." Huge laugh. He waits, then adds, "I meant a miner not a minor." More rippling laughter, because verbally there is no difference between the two and he is milking it like crazy, then he ends with, "He had dirty hands, and he just came out of a hole in the ground" and then he makes a jack off motion with his hand as if the dirty miner were jacking off the 55-year-old garbage collector. Like an Old West gunfighter, the guy is absolutely fearless.

If last night was any indication, it's going to be a great HBO Special. He did a second show last night and I believe he's doing another today or tonight. I'm curious to see if the call out of the Goon Ball makes it into the show. With Louis CK you never know what he's going to go with and that's just a small part of why we love him so.

Oh, and he got a standing O at the end:

"Good taste and humor are a contradiction in terms, like a chaste whore."
—Malcolm Muggeridge