Monday, September 06, 2004

September 6, 2004
Cooler out this morning (5:15 a.m.). Feels like fall (only 103 for the expected high).

Woke up this morning feeling hopeful. Trying to stay positive and focused. So ironic, on Labor Day. I’m obsessed with laboring. Ha.

Many photos and images on my wall behind the computer. I see a check written to myself for $20 million (inspired by Jim Carrey who supposedly did the same thing, wrote himself a check for $20 milllion and put it on his wall to help actualize him, and, viola, he now makes $20 million a picture). My check is dated January, 1995, and in the memo line it says “for artwork and books.” This is a tad embarrassing since I’ve probably made maybe $20,000 for those categories since I wrote the check nine years ago. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m big on aphorisms and optimistic slogans “You are what you think about!” and I guess I’m better off for it, but sometimes when I do the math, it seems a tad silly, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

I mentioned yesterday we stole a beer label while in Flag. This is also a bit hyperbolic since it was a Soporo beer we bought at the Thai restaurant, I saw the label, liked the logo, wanted to take the entire bottle with me, but Tomcat peeled off the label with his thumb and I stashed it in my shirt and broght it down the hill. This morning I did a sketch of a Texas Ranger t-shirt design, using the Soporo lable as a jumping off point. I’ll give everything to Gus, The Mapinator, manana, and he will take it to the next level. The tag line on the shirt: “One Riot, One Ranger” is based on Texas Ranger legend. Supposedly, a besieged Texas town telegraphed the Texas Rangers for help and as hooligans ransacked the saloons and businesses the town fathers waited patiently at the train station for a battalion of lawmen to come save them, When a lone Texas Ranger stepped off the train, the mayor was crestfallen. “Only one Texas Ranger!?” he cried, to which the stalwart Ranger replied, “You only got one riot, ain’t ya?” Ah, so Texan.

“The days you work are the best days.”
—Georgia O’Keeffee

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