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If you've ever wondered what it's like to run a magazine or how crazy my personal life is, be sure to read the behind-the-scenes peek at the daily trials and tribulations of running True West. Culled straight from my Franklin Daytimer, it contains actual journal entries, laid out raw and uncensored. Some of it is enlightening. Much of it is embarrassing, but all of it is painfully true.

In addition to this current journal, my early journal entries show the rocky road and money lost in the True West Business Timeline.

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July 24, 2014
 After our stop in Earp, California, yesterday, which is just across the Colorado River from Parker, Arizona, Kathy and I motored west, past Wyatt Earp's Happy Days Mine (which lies north from the highway in the foothills of the Whipple Mountains).

Highway 62

 I assume this is the route Wyatt and Josie took from their winter home in LA, out through San Bernandino, Redlands, Joshua Tree and 29 Palms, in a wagon, of course. Hard to believe they traversed this desert with miles and miles of soft sand in every direction.

One of the reasons I took this back route to Cal was to take advantage of the summer heat to study highway heat waves. Got a couple pictures of the phenom.

I took this route for scenes like this: floating cars in the highway heat waves.

 Noticed an amazing phenom along the railroad tracks that parallel the highway for many miles. People have created mini-signs with their names on them, girlfriends, etc. by utilizing rocks and wood. This goes on for miles and miles. It's hard to believe that many people have even used the road. We only met maybe four cars on the entire 100 mile stretch.

Motored up through Crazy Woman Valley and saw a ruined little ranchito. Stopped to take a couple photos. Heat really blasting (110 degrees) but had to get a couple shots of the ranchito ruins.

Ranchito Ruins #1

Ranchito Ruins #2

 Stopped in Joshua Tree, the town, for lunch. Found a groovy little cafe, The Natural Sisters Cafe, which I would highly recommend. Brewed iced tea is the new standard for me. Fewer cafes bother any more and I can't stand instant. Tastes like water sifted through cat litter to me.

Natural Sisters Cafe in Joshua Tree: great guacamole burgers and brewed iced tea

 Then headed up the mountain for Bear Lake. Temperature dropped about five degrees every mile. Kathy and I had a bet about how far it would go down. Kathy bet 84 and I guessed 87. When we pulled into a pine nestled destination the thermometer said 87.

 "In hell, women are even more right."
 —Wonderful Russ sent me this from a dude who goes by @dafloydsta

Bob Boze 7:41 AM

July 23, 2014
 Got up this morning at six and drove to the Earp, California post office so I could mail some "66 Kid" postcards with the Earp postmark. Several people on my mailing list are going to be very surprised.

"The mailing has commenced. Either get to telling me how much you want a postcard with an Earp postmark, or get away from me."

Bob Boze 6:04 PM
July 22, 2014
   Found a painting in my discard file and took a couple stabs at it. Finally added the rider this morning before I came into work.

Daily Whipout: "Mickey Free Rides Across The Ledge of Death"

   Whipped by an evil wind, the fire hop scotches the dry tundra and follows Mickey Free as he rides hell bent for leather out on the ledge of death.

   Just got the first advance copy of "The 66 Kid" from Cindy Laun at Voyageur Press in Minneapolis. Fed Ex rocketed the book from Minneapolis to Cave Creek in less than 24 hours (I received the book at 11 a.m.) How do they do this? Cost $92, but it's worth it. The printer is in Hong Kong and they evidently Fed Exed the publisher a copy. The rest of the shipment is coming on the proverbial slow boat from China and will arrive at the end of this week on the California coast. From there they will be trucked to the publisher in Minneapolis, then back to me in Arizona. Kind of crazy, this publishing business.

"I've heard some tall tales, but this one takes the cake. And, I love cake!"
—Hugh O'Brian, star of The Life & Legend of Wyatt Earp (back cover blurb)

Bob Boze 12:04 PM
July 21, 2014
   Working hard now on sorting art into categories. Here's a spot illustration done for Arizona Highways and ended up in "The Illustrated Life & Times of Billy the Kid."

Daily Whipout: "Billy vs. Brushy Bill"

   Lots and lots of New Times cartoons. I did a doubletruck worth of cartoons (six to 12 illustrations per) every week for over a decade. Found lots of decent stuff, like this:

Monsoon Fashion Month
   It's that time of year when Arizona celebrates Monsoon Fashion Month. In late July and most of August, Zonie women who love fashion are challenged to stay current and clothed.

Daily Whipout: "Monsoon Mama"

   Found the promotional postcard for the opening of Honkytonk Sue's, the short-lived niteclub on Scottsdale Road.

Honkytonk Sue's, 2003 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, Arizona

   The opening offered free drinks from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on February 27, 1981, promising, on the back, "We're going' to have one hell of a good tam." Yes, time was spelled "tam." At first the club was a raging success with wall to wall dancers and wannabe cowboys, but then, over time, the main dancers would dance all night, nursing a coke, and all the good bands charged $1,000 (if memory serves me correctly) and then when the club tried to institute a two drink minimum, all the good dancers went up the street to Handlebar J's or points north. Ah, the club business. Not the easiest thing in the world to make a success.

"Anybody who thinks of going to bed before 12 o'clock is a scoundrel."
—Samuel Johnson

Bob Boze 10:52 AM

July 20, 2014
   Okay, here is the good side of cronyism and being in a bad, rock band with a crony. I guess this makes me the croner?

Dave Walker Dishes A Juicy Review of "Gunslingers"

And here we last week, after I got off the stage at The Television Critics Association confab at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills.

The Survivors
We're both drummers (in the same band!) and we both survived working for Mike Lacey.

"Between us, we have over 10,000 hours of Gloria—Louie Louie frequent flier miles."

Bob Boze 1:34 PM

July 20, 2014
   I have a secret agenda. My daughter lives in Pasadena and often talks about how she could never "go back" to Arizona to live. She loves Southern California. My son is on his way to Thailand this week where he will be teaching at a University. He claims he has no intention of returning to Arizona either. He wants to see the world.

   Kathy and I smile when they talk trash about our home and we never challenge them on it. It would be dumb to even try. However, sometimes I send along a photo, like this one which I took on my morning walk, to each of them, with a simple, subtle caption:


Here is the actual article in The New York Times from yesterday:


Sass and Slow-Motion Bullets

‘Gunslingers,’ an American Heroes Channel Docudrama Series


Gunslingers Stafford Douglas, left, in this mini-series debuting Sunday on the American Heroes Channel.CreditAmerican Heroes Channel

You can always learn something by watching television. On Sunday night, it’s this:

“Do not take a drunk dentist to an arrest.”

Those words to live by come from one of the engaging talking heads in the first installment of “Gunslingers,” a spunky six-part series that begins on Sunday on the American Heroes Channel. The dentist is Doc Holliday, who tagged along with his pal Wyatt Earp to the notorious gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

This tale in the first episode and most of the others in this series have been told again and again on the big and small screen, but the treatment here makes the revisiting enjoyable for admirers of the Wild West and of history cheekily conveyed. The episodes are executed sort of like many hourlong TV docudramas, combining re-enactments (which are especially slick here) with explanatory comments from assorted experts and others. One is Kurt Russell, who played Earp in the 1993 film “Tombstone.” But Earp himself joins in the narration (via an actor’s voice), and some amusing camera tricks add to the fun. Love those slow-motion bullets.

The experts are not the usual dry academics. That crack about Holliday comes from Bob Boze Bell, the man behind True West magazine. They dress like people who have a genuine affection for the subject matter. You could stock a Western hat store with what’s on their heads.

The only problem with the series is that it means that the channel may have already outgrown its new name. It switched only a few months ago from “the Military Channel,” hoping “American Heroes Channel” would acknowledge that not all heroics are performed by people in the armed services. But future installments of this series look at Billy the Kid and Jesse James, among others. Heroes to some, maybe, but outlaws by definition.

American Heroes Channel, Sunday nights at 10, Eastern and Pacific times; 9, Central time.
Produced for the American Heroes Channel by Castle Pictures Inc. For Castle Pictures: Christopher Cassel, executive producer. For the American Heroes Channel: Max Culhane, executive producer; Sara Kozak, senior vice president of production; Kevin Bennett, general manager. Henry Schleiff, group president of Investigation Discovery, Destination America, the American Heroes Channel and Discovery Fit & Health.

This article was forwarded to me from Casey Tefertiller who is also on the show. Casey just couldn't help himself and added this little dig: "Holliday probably was not drunk, but it does make for attention."

I replied back: "Thanks for sending me the article. Having an alcoholic father growing up, I think it's safe to say Holliday had a full head of steam by 2:30 in the afternoon."

 "Academics are so vicious because so little is at stake."
—Old Historian Saying

Bob Boze 9:11 AM

July 19, 2014
   "Do not take a drunk dentist to an arrest." I originally said that line into the blind eye of a movie camera in May of 2013 at Pioneer, Arizona. It was in reference to Doc Holliday and the O.K. Corral fight and was one of dozens of quips and quotes I provided to my interrogator, Christopher Cassel, the director of a TV documentary shooting in Arizona and New Mexico.

   Fast forward, the "drunk dentist" quip appeared last week on the sizzle reel for the American Heroes Channel at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

BBB at the Getty photo shoot in the Beverly Hilton Hotel, July 9, 2014

   And today it appears in the New York Times.

   And tomorrow night it appears on the new TV series, "Gunslingers." And now you know the curious journey of a random Doc Holliday quip.

"When the legend becomes fat, try to crack wise."
—Old Talking Head Saying

Bob Boze 8:45 AM
July 18, 2014
   Got this message from the folks at Castle Pictures (the company that made the TV series "Gunslingers"):

This is Nevena with Castle Pictures. I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that the Gunslingers series is Premiering this Sunday, July 20th at 10:00pm/9C. And also to thank you again very much, for being a part of the program, and sharing with us all your expertise and insights on western history. Your help both with your interviews and archive research was invaluable, and we are grateful you joined us for this series.

The network (now known as American Heroes Channel, formerly Military Channel) is absolutely thrilled with the series, and has put a big marketing push behind it. If you watch any of the Discovery networks, you may have seen the promos running for the past couple of weeks. And I wanted to let you know all the air dates, if you are interested in the other episodes as well.  After this Sunday premier, new episodes will follow each Sunday at the same time slot.

7/20 Wyatt Earp: The Tombstone Vendetta

7/27 Jesse James: The South’s Last Rebel

8/3  Billy the Kid: The Phantom of Lincoln County

8/10 Wild Bill Hickok: Marksman… Marked Man

8/17 John Wesley Hardin: The Dark Heart of Texas

8/24 Tom Horn: Grim Reaper of the Rockies

Here is a link to the network's home page for the series


"This fight has commenced. Get to fighting, or get away."
—Wyatt Earp

Bob Boze 12:30 PM
July 18, 2014
  Found some more old New Times illustrations this morning. This one answers the question: What if Groucho Marx rode with the Daltons?

Daily Whipout: "What If Groucho Rode With The Daltons?"

   I also answered this question: What if James Butler was a "Wild AND Crazy Guy?"

Daily Whipout: "One Wild AND Crazy Bill Hickok"

"I refuse to rob banks with any outlaw gang who would have me as a member."
—Groucho Marx

Bob Boze 10:53 AM

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