Monday, September 21, 2009

September 21, 2009
We said goodbye to Tom Bell this morning in Santa Cruz, Bolvia, and while he flew north to say his final goodbyes to his Peace Corp compadres in Peru, we flew south to Buenos Aires, for one last night on the Pampas of Argentina. Landed at a small town west of Buenos Aires, called Canseulos. Looks like Chandler, Arizona, in 1956. Thriving and getting it on in the horseback tradition. Even has a Wild West Saloon in town.

This is our final day in South America. We fly home tomorrow night. Anxious to get back to work. Lots of ideas and inspiration. Americans really need to see the rest of America. That European stuff is Old School. This land is where we became Westerners. Speaking of which, the downtown area has a saloon called, ahem, Wild West. Ha.

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