Monday, January 24, 2011

Who's The Clown Drummer?

January 24, 2011

Went home for lunch and worked on an assignment for the Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Started with this study:

Who's The Clown Drummer?

Only one problem: none of the 12 inductees is a drummer. Still, I wanted to give a face to a question I often heard whenever I played, "Who's the clown drummer?"

The inductees this year are: Chico Chism, Goose Creek Symphony, All McCoy (although he could really beat the skins), The Reed Family, Tanya Tucker, Billy Wiliams, Dolan Ellis, Lee Hazlewood, Sam Moore (who, I believe is a Soul Man), Marshall Trimble, Dick Van Dyke and JD's (in the River Bottom, a club I walked into legally at midnite on December 19, 1967 to see Waylon Jennings).

"What do you call a drummer without a girlfriend? Homeless."
—Old Guitar Player Saying

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