Friday, April 16, 2004

April 16, 2004
Last night Brad Elrod finished putting in a chain link fence connecting my studio with the pump house and adobe garage ($1,300 Sue account). He also customized several dog stops between openings and it all looks mighty fine. Neighbors were complaining about Buddy Boze Bell attacking their horses. So far, the little Manhattanite canine has cost us about $4K, but Kathy loves the little goober. Women and their taste in men. Go figure.

Speaking of men with questionable tastes, got permission to use Paul Andrew Hutton’s mini-review of The Alamo.. Here it is:

“Saw The Alamo today. Cried like a baby when Travis gave his speech. Thought it was not nearly as bad as folks have been saying. Of course, that doesn't mean its a good movie either. It really is weighted down with history—what the hell was that history lecture from Neill to Travis on the origins of the mission? The battle was a dandy and had some great visuals but the battle was better in Wayne's Alamo. Burwell's music was a dirge -- it made me long for Dimitri Tiomkin! Obviously the film had been gutted—but who knows if that is good or bad. Billy Bob was great but Davy is like Doc Holliday—he always steals the show. I'm going again on Saturday with Paul Andy. We'll get the real scoop from the ten year old.”

Also got this cryptic e-mail from a roaming writer who shares two of my initials:

“Okay, so I've been reading these references in your blog to meeting Theresa from Tri Star. At gas stations, on street corners, in parking lots. I'm trying to envision how this works—yes, based on yesterday's blog, the two vehicles pull up in an open space. Enforcers step out of each car and warily survey the turf. They signal the all-clear, and the two principals leave the vehicles. One drops the tailgate on the truck to reveal the neat stack of packages. Merchandise changes hands. Everyone returns to the vehicles, which drive away in opposite directions.

“Obviously, if you want more people to show up to your book signings, you have to make them look more like drug deals.”

That would be Bart Bull. Just got word from Meghan that Stetson is closing the doors on its St. Joseph, Missouri factory. Hell, maybe we should buy it and save another Western institution? Actually, I’ve got my hands full trying to save this one. Not easy as the so-called “war of civilizations” heats up.

“Self-criticism is the secret weapon of democracy.”
—Adlai E. Stevenson

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