Thursday, June 15, 2006

June 15, 2006
Today is Olive Mondello's birthday. I knew her as Terry Townsend (actually I married her once upon a time, 1973-77). Happy Birthday Olive!

Kathy got up at five and drove me to the airport this morning (just one of the reasons we are still married). For once, I flew out of terminal two, which doesn't have as long lines. Flew Frontier to Denver, then switched to Great Lakes and puddle-jumped it to Cody, landing at 1:30 (did 12 sketches on the plane, mostly clouds). As we deplaned, I ran into Chuck Rankin from University of Oklahoma Press. As we waited for our luggage I pumped him about their recent acquisition (they bought publisher and bookseller Arthur Clark). They paid $300,000 for about 75 titles. I praised him for being so pro-active. Usually state run organizations are so fuddy duddy. We shared a ride on the Cody Shuttle and chatted up new books. He's got a new bio coming out on Jedediah Smith and one on Crazy Horse. He promised an excerpt from both (see, that paid for the trip right there).

The Cody Shuttle dropped me off at Comfort Inn where I breezed through because Sue Lambert got my room comped. Free internet wireless hook-up. Couldn't resist, checked my e-mail and wrote this up). Need to go over to the Holiday Inn and check in, then go visit my mama. Then check in with Steve Randolph (his family owns the local Zapata's Mexican Food joint). Having lunch with Juti Winchester of the Buffalo Bill museum tomorrow. Lots of work to do.

Here's One of The E-Mails
"Have you ever thought of doing a DVD collection of True West Moments? Heck, I know I'd buy one! But, then again, I am a Maniac!"
—Chris, Maniac #946, Sierra Vista, AZ

Funny you should ask, Chris. Even as you read this we are working on a full blown DVD including the Making Of True West Moments, with behind the scenes footage and how each one is hand crafted and lifted from legitimate sources.

"Every time a Mexican puts on a mask, it changes the world."
—Richard Montoya, referring to Zorro and Nacho Libre

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