Thursday, June 29, 2006

June 29, 2006
Great news for us Western movie fans:

“The debut of Broken Trail, an AMC network western starring Oscar winner Robert Duvall, rounded up nearly 10 million viewers to rank as the biggest cable telecast so far this year, Nielsen Media Research reported on Tuesday.

“The two-hour premiere on Sunday night also achieved the rare feat of drawing the night's largest audience of any show on all of U.S. television, including the four major broadcast networks, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox.”

Meanwhile, several of my readers are not amused by Alan Huffines’ critique of the movie in yesterday’s posting:

“Who is this Huffines guy. Geez Louise, I would hate to be his customer service rep at anything. Some things go way beyond even nit picking. Broken Trail was excellent. It's the most watched event of it's type this year and beat all networks, even the big four Sunday night.

“The big plus is getting to see Robert Duvall, America's greatest actor, in another western. He was marvelous as was the rest of the cast. I think once again the statement has been made to the network weasels that there is an audience for westerns. Maybe Mr Huffines should read your June issue and the interview by Tim Lasiuts to get an idea of the story line.

“This ‘Nazism’ is a little out of hand. If Mr Huffines listened to Duvall around the camp fire, his character was uneasy around women, especially when he started caring for them. The last scene in the movie where he is outside with a "what might have been look" says it all. That is why the girls were sent off the first time. The Winchester comes out first or in a tie because the desperado is wearing a coat/duster and most likely had his sidearm strapped down while riding a horse. The bottom line, I guess, is Mr Huffines does say he enjoyed the show even with all his nit picking. I guess shows like this will never be authentic enough for some but at least the spirit is there.”
—Hugh Howard, Maniac# 9

“It's kind of sad that people can't watch a movie just for entertainment. They have to try and pick it apart for correct verbiage, correct attire and anything else they can find wrong. Just sit back and enjoy Robert Duvall’s acting, the beautiful scenery and everything else that the movie has to offer. Thus the old vaquero saying, "Some people wouldn't even be happy if they were hung with a new rope!" Hell , we'll never know what really happened back then. All we have to go on is somebodys word about what happened.

Well enough is enough! Life is to short to take serious, so just sit back and let the movies entertain us. So what is the gloves weren't actually what you think they should be...GET OVER IT!”
—Scott Bell

“I said I liked the show. Are we to assume that Westerns fall into the category of Canonized Literature and therefore are beyond textual-criticism? Horse apples! Just like the Alamo, this ain't a religion.”
—Alan Huffines

Dueling Old Vaquero Quotes
“When all you have is a hammer, all your problems look like nails.”
—Old Vaquero Saying

"Sometimes it is entirely appropriate to kill a fly with a sledge-hammer!"
—Old Vaquero Saying

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