Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January 28, 2009
Went home for lunch and whipped out a couple cloud paintings. Wanted to get them down on paper while the memories are still strong. First thing, I perused the sketches I did just north of Nothing, Arizona:

Got some good buttes to build on and whipped out this:

I call it "Just North of Nothing." I love that phrase. I can almost see an entire story: "He rode out of Nothing, headed for nowhere. . ."

Had some leftover spaghetti, collected an egg from the chicken house, took Peaches for a brisk walk, came back and did this one:

This one is "Martha's Clouds." I agree with Sixgun. She sent them. Thanks Martha.

"The problems of victory are more agreeable than the problems of defeat, but they are no less difficult."
—Sir Winston Churchill

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