Tuesday, July 07, 2009

July 7, 2009
Got up at 6:30 and took another crack at the Apache Kid blasting across the border on foot:

That's a little more like it. Like the forward momentum. Still debating exactly what the Kid would carry with him. A pistol? A knife? Both? I do know he stripped down to just mocassins and loin cloth for ultimate manuevering on his midnite trek.

We were mentioned in The New York Times the other day. Several people sent me the link:

Don't know if you saw this or not: New York Times

See paragraph 10.

“It represents this Texas notion of the white hats taking out the black hats and keeping the trophy,” Mr. Brinkley said. “It’s a True West magazine kind of pulp western mentality. For President Bush, this pistol represents his greatest moment of triumph, like the F.B.I. keeping Dillinger’s gun. He wants people generations from now to see the gun and say, ‘He got the bad guy.’ ”

—Jim The Reader

More Jack Durant Memories And Reference
“Have you ever read the biography of Durant? It is The Saga of Jack Durant. There was a copy of it in the Arizona Republic’s library and i read it. The guy was a genuine hoot. he even hung out in Globe for a while. Recommended reading for any AZ101 pupil.”
—Gus Walker, The Mapinator

Speaking of the Republic, I heard they are laying off 1,400 employees this Thursday. Man, those have to be deep cuts. One of the feature writers there mentioned to me he wants to do a piece on my quest for 10,000 bad drawings, but he's got to wait until Thursday to see if he even has a job! This is one of the Republic's premiere talents. Ouch!

"The generous and the bold have the best lives."
—Poetic Edda

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