Monday, November 16, 2009

November 16, 2009
Just got more info on the remake of True Grit by the Coen Brothers. Steven Spielberg is producing along with Scott Rudin (who produced No Country For Old No Men). It looks like Matt Damon is going to play the Texas Ranger (Glenn Campbell in the original), Josh Brolin is being talked about as the bad guy Ned Pepper (Robert Duvall) and according to Variety, the Coens want Jeff Bridges for the gruff U.S. Marshal (John Wayne). They hope to begin filming next spring.

I am a big Coen brothers fan. My kids often quote The Big Lebowski (which starred Jeff Bridges as "The Dude") and we just saw their latest flick A Serious Man last weekend, which I really enjoyed. It's about growing up Jewish in Minnesota and is allegedly based on the travails of Job, from the bible. At the end of the movie, during the credits it says: "No jews were hurt during the filming of this movie."

Funny, funny boys.

Working on a cover story by Bob Alexander for the January issue on Republicans and Democrats in an actual toe to toe shootout where 7 died (some claim 15) and forty were wounded. This was in Mesilla in 1871.

I Can't Believe I Drew It
Another little set of gems from my quest to do 10,000 bad drawings:

Deena Bell went to her 10 High School Reunion last Saturday night. Not sure if this is a trend, but they just met at Harold's (a legendary bar in Cave Creek). No formalities, no registration, no banquet, no name tags. We had fun on Sunday morning comparing her phone photos of everyone with the high school annual.

"It's much easier to eat, drink and be merry if someone else is picking up the tab."
—Old Vaquero Saying

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