Friday, November 20, 2009

November 20, 2009
About a week ago I asked Carole Glenn to order a book for us on Amazon called Mega Hoax. I had heard through the Billy the Kid grapevine that a woman from Santa Fe named Gale Cooper has published an alleged expose on the digging up Billy project. We got the book on Wednesday and I saw it in my box when I got back from lunch. My managing editor Meghan Saar had already ear-marked all the pages True West is mentioned (this is especially funny considering that Dr. Cooper describes Meghan in the text as "The lioness" guarding my door) At about four, I had a few moments before I had to leave for my speech in Fountain Hills and I took a glance at it. I couldn't put it down! At about 4:40 I sent the following email to The Top Secret Writer:

"Hutton's Bug-Eyed Unctuous Face-Time"
Oh, God, stop! I can't stop laughing! I have a speech in 45 minutes in Fountain Hills and I don't want to leave—ever. I just want to read this fantastic prose!


Paul Hutton and I are both singled out as part of a "shape-shifting" conspiracy to get Bill Richardson elected president of the United States (that sure worked out well). I get my own sub chapter, but Hutton is the arch villain of the piece. More details later.

Speaking of which, I Worked this morning on the dying donkey:

This is for our cover on Republicans and Democrats shooting it out in Mesilla in 1871. I'm working on several angles and hope to have something finalized this weekend to send down to Dan the Man.

“The world is full of men who spend their lives fleeing from something that doesn’t pursue them.”
—Old Vaquero Saying

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