Saturday, July 09, 2011

Duke In the Can, Louis CK and Friday On My Mind

July 9, 2011

T. Charles and Pattarapan came out last night to hang at the homestead for the weekend. Made tacos de Bell for them. Had chicken, plain, for myself. For grins watched Louis CK riff on Osama bin Laden's final moments. He's got some nachos and he's going back to his room and he looks up, sees SEAL Team 6 and says, with some resignation, "Oh, yeh, I did that thing."

So zany and brilliant, that CK boy.

Got up this morning and wailed on the final for the Duke vs. Cowboys & Aliens cover. Wanted to finish by noon, but didn't make it. Have two other illustrations to do before I head off to Dallas and Santa Fe in the morning. Got a decent likeness of the Duke, had very good reference for the alien craft (publicity still from the forthcoming movie) and got some good effects of blue smoke. Wanted to leave it at the office tonight for Robert to shoot on Monday and get down to Dan The Man, but may hold on to it, and look at it when I get back. Don't want to rush it.

I was at Bashas' yesterday after work, buying some of the taco stuff for the Friday night feed and a nifty tune from 1966 or 67 came over the store stereo system, just as I was checking out. I told the cashier, Beverly, that if she could name the group I would give her a dollar. She looked old enough, but she told me she didn't have a clue and, finally, shrugged and guessed The Dave Clark Five.

Sorry, No Washington for you Bev-Babe. Here's the line that got my attention and made me smile:

"Even my old man looks good."
—Easy Beats, Friday On My Mind

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