Saturday, July 30, 2011

An Open Letter to A Certain Woman In Germany

July 30, 2011

Saturday night, just got back from the Beast. Sprinkling out. Big monsoon rolling over the Valley. Hit big puddles at about Desert Ridge, lots of thunder. Very humid out now at 7:56 p.m. Wrote up the following email to Ms. Radina in Germany:

T. and P. and I saw "A Better Life" downtown at AMC in Arizona Center and we all teared up. I clapped at the end (trained by my wife to be assertive when it comes to appreciation). Afterwards we met at 28th St. and Van Buren for a dose of posole heaven. Also got a platter of barbacoa, puerco tacos. Ay-yi-yi. So good. Bill was $30. Pattarapan insisted on paying for half the bill, so with the tip it cost me almost fifteen dollars! For the love of God, when will these kids carry their own weight!!!!

Oh, and P. and T. taught me how to use the amped up and slicked out iPad which they borrowed for the past three weeks. They've both tricked it out with great apps and cool add ons. Great lesson and they didn't charge me, so I guess being gouged on the meal wasn't such a bad thing.

On the way down I stopped at Aaron Bros and bought $191 worth of gouache supplies, including four, count 'em, watercolor tablets (they had a penny sale so two of those puppies were a penny a piece). Sweet. Walked across the parking lot and went into The Wine Pantry Sampler Store and asked Cowboy Steve (remember him?) and asked him to sell me some wine. Got four bottles of great stuff for $10 a bottle. Drinking a nice glass of gunfighter cab even as you read this.

Finally raining on my sky light (8:07), although not very hard, but it is steady. Just thought you should know as you used to live here full time.


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