Thursday, December 29, 2011

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December 29, 2011

I'm going to run this photo in my editorial for the next issue of True West. Here's what I know about the photo. The driver is my grandfather Bob Guess. His wife, Louise, is in the back and the baby is my aunt Sadie Pearl. She was born in September of 1915 and her daughter, Tap Lou thinks Sadie looks to be about six months old, so the photo possibly was taken in 1916. The location of the photo is also up for grabs but Tap told me her mother was born in Lordsburg, New Mexico (as was my mother) and that they lived near Steins Pass (there is a truck stop east of Steins and Tap thinks they had a home near there).

Now for the automobile. Does anybody know the make and year?

"It happened on the strip where the road is wide. . ."
—"Shut Down", The Beach Boys


  1. According to a newspaper report in the Western Liberal, Lordsburg, New Mexico, issue dat 8 Dec 1916, the car is a Ford. The article is as follows:
    "While en route to Lordsburg from their Animas ranch the Ford car of Robert Guess, driven by his wife who was learning to manage the machine, turned over on Leidendorf Hill. Mr. Guess' mother sustained a broken shoulder and the baby of Mr. and Mrs. Guess a severe scalp wound. The other occupants escaped with a few minor cuts and bruises."

    1. Carol, this is so cool. How did you find this. Thanks.


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