Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Westerns Channel Taping Today at Fort Whipple

December 20, 2011

My Westerns Channel producer, Jeff Hildebrandt, met me in front of the True West World Headquarters this morning at eight and we drove up to Prescott in the early morning fog. Here's the conditions at Humboldt, just before we got to Dewey:

We met the director of the Sharlot Hall Museum, John Langelllier, at 9:30 and drove out to the historic Fort Whipple where Al Sieber and Martha Summerhayes and General George Crook spent time:

This is, I believe, officer's row and the house in the foreground has a museum that features The Buffalo Soldiers on the upper floor, second window to the left. Here is the room with the crew setting up the shots. That's Steve, the director of photography on the left and Jeff, the sound man on the right. Yes that is the script in the teleprompter:

And yes, they are both hamming it up. Meanwhile, here I am with the teleprompter techie and the makeup person:

And here I am with the producer, Jeff Hildebrandt:

We taped three True West Moments for Black History Month in February and the spots will run on the Westerns Channel all month.

"I'm Bob Boze Bell and this has been a True West Moment."

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