Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wild Women of Carefree, Cave Creek, Kingman and Thompson, Iowa

May 10, 2012
   Had a speech up at the Carefree Conference Resort at noon today. Spoke at the grand finale luncheon for the Desert Foothills Woman's Club in the Mesquite Room. Susan Vanik introduced me. Talked about Wild Women of the Wild West. Told them the story of Diltche, Ma'am Jones of the Pecos, Martha Summerhayes, Louise "Guessie" Swafford, and Minnie Hauan Bell. Told them the genesis of the "Not-So-Gentle Tamer" sculpture, which is shaping up to be a very big project up in Prescott Valley. And by big, I mean huge. The sucker is ten feet tall. Here's a sneak peek from the foundry.

That's Ed Reilly with his arm on the shovel, Bev Gessner and Lora Lee Nye who are riding herd on this project. Really dynamic people. Should have more to say next week.

Meanwhile, still noodling studies for Last Light On Morningstar. Here's two more, #90:

And number 91.

Sometimes I can go on too long. Gee I wonder if ol' Marty Stuart has anything to say on this?

"Saying too much of something is the same as saying nothing."
—Johnny Cash, to Marty Stuart after an extended mandolin solo