Friday, January 18, 2013

Damn Straight Pard

January 18, 2013
   Been meaning to pay off my art reference from a while back. Here is the real Ratcliff Ridge across from our property. We look at this view out our kitchen window.

The stone driveway was inspired by La Cuenca in Spain and took me about a year to complete, hauling up six or seven river stones a day from the creek (but not from Joan Dodd's land! Actually from Hoss's land before they built their house). And here is my artistic rendering of Ratcliff Ridge:

Trying to stay loose. Takes courage. Went home for lunch today and whipped out a little study I call "Damn Straight Pard."

Daily Whipout #113, "Damn Straight Pard"

When I was growing up, oldtimers would be asked if they were going to resist something, it didn't matter what, and their adamant reply would be, "Damn straight, Pard." Meanwhile, went home for lunch yesterday and whipped out this little study:

Daily Whipout #112, "Up The Draw"

"Just keep writing and drawing and let the muse back into the fold. Gently now. No searching. No working. No trying. Just let the spirit come back in and don't be greedy. Be ready."
—Neil Young, paraphrased advice to The Horse in his new book "Waging Heavy Peace" (he actually was talking about his band Crazy Horse and music but I appropriated the angle)