Tuesday, February 04, 2014

They Call Me Yellow Fellow

February 4, 2014
  At the end of this week we will be halfway through "The 66 Kid" book project (the video documentary will follow right behind). Here is the view of Command Central at six this morning.

Five signatures in the can, seven to go

  I'm really enjoying marking all those finished pages in yellow (now if they would only STAY yellow!). We've had to do some major redesign in Sigs Four and Five. Makes it rough to stay on schedule when we are going back to reclaim and redesign pages while trying to maintain a 16-pages per week regimen and that includes writing, artwork, maps, layout and proofing of every page. Actually a ridiculous schedule but the truth is I wouldn't be getting the results I am without the pressure. Plus it's a pleasure to work with my teammates Dan the Man, Charlie Waters, Chuck Cook, Andy Sansom, Jon Nelson, Gus Walker and Robert Ray. With significant contributions from Karen Johnson Collins, Mary Kay H., Jay Gates III, John Waters, Dorian Trayhan, Tap Lou Duncan Weir, Glenn and Claudia Bell, Kenny Peterson and Mike Richards, to name just a few. Everyone of them working to make the book a worthy project.

"Character consists on what you do on the third and fourth tries."
—James Michener