Wednesday, November 12, 2003

November 12, 2003
Steady rain started at about four this morning. Quite wet out, but warm. Went for a walk with the dogs about 6:30. Felt good.

Wrangled over two articles for our Spotting Fakes issue yesterday morning. Jana was quite magnanimous and professional, unlike some of our family, who I won’t name, who were being strident and self-serving. Together we made the cuts where they needed to be. It wasn’t fun, but I think we made the right decisions.

I took Jana and Meghan to lunch at Tonto (half-cob salad and iced tea, $25 biz account). Talked about integrity and the tone of media today and what does that bode for us. Good talk and I especially enjoyed hearing what Meghan has to say (kids today!). I often use her and Abby as a sounding board because they both come from outside our little incestuous history cult and often have an outsider, objective slant on things.

In the afternoon, we went over books to review and R.G. rejected one by Richard Avendon, the New York photographer who shot all those oil wildcatter, cowboys and rednecks in the early nineties (Texas Monthly ran a bunch of them, one per page and it was quite effective). I tried to talk Roland into reviewing it (with perhaps the slant that Avedon is a carpetbagger, etc.) but he’s not interested. I deferred to him.

"History is a set of lies agreed upon."
—Napoleon Bonaparte

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