Thursday, November 13, 2003

November 13, 2003
Rained all night. Really soggy out this morning. After we got back from a walk, I dressed up like Cole Younger and had Kathy photograph me in bare feet walking through the mud. I’ll explain later.

Went through the new issue of Sports Illustrated which Mike M. gave me. The magazine ran all 2,652 covers in a special cover issue celebrating their 50th anniversary (same age as us). I studied each and every one trying to find trends, or styles of covers that I thought would work for us. I came away with several concepts and ideas that might be very potent. I wrote up a page worth and am going to sketch out some roughs and send it down to Daniel.

Bettie and Wade Kohl (of the legendary Kohl’s Ranch) came in yesterday and would like some help redesigning their ranch history book. When Bettie told me she has already sold 2,000 of her homemade books at $20 a pop, I told her I should be asking her questions on how to publish a successful book.

Our previous editor, Mare Rosenbaum came by for lunch today and Robert Ray, Abby and Gus and I met her at Coffee Co. for old times (turkey sando and decaf, $8 cash). She raved about the website saying, “it looks like you’ve got 50 people working on it,” and I said, yes, we do. Trish is doing the work of 25 people and Jason is doing the work of the rest.

”The future is the past returning through another gate.”
—Arnold H. Glasow

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