Tuesday, June 22, 2004

June 22, 2004
True West Maniac Club membership has already passed the 250 mark. Really exciting. Here’s a typical new member, from Carole, who took his order:

Fred Bunjes called today and joined the TWMC. He is from Greeley, CO and provided the following information:
a.. Got hooked when he received the $19.95 offer
b.. Sees Bob on TW Moments and really likes this. He hopes that they will continue these.
c.. Likes old photographs - hopes we continue to use them
d.. Liked the old paper - I told him to watch for an upcoming insert on that type paper
e.. Likes Ask the Marshall
f.. Filled out Reader Service Card and got great response—got many really nice packets

They’re rubber coating our new road today, so when I went home for lunch I had to walk a half mile to the house and back to the truck. Road is going to be closed until late tomorrow morning. Hot out but felt good walking. Always gives me ideas.

Got in my special order of Esdee scratchboard via Fed-ex this afternoon and bailed right into a scene of Geronimo flipping the bird into Mexico. Got inspired by an old Mezzotint done in 1789 called “Widow of an Indian Chief.” I imagined crafty old Geronimo sitting up on that hill, waving his middle finger into Mexico. He really hated that tribe, blamed them for killing his family and both his wives. Of course he doesn’t mention that he killed a boatload of Sonorans before they attacked him, but that’s another story.

"Love your enemies, for they tell you your faults."
—Benjamin Franklin

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