Saturday, July 17, 2004

July 17, 2004
Great day on the desert. Didn’t go anywhere. Wrote and researched all morning on the Apache scout graphic novel. Here’s a taste:

“Poison arrows are made from a deer’s spleen. We dry it first, then grind it up fine and mix it with a plant that has a burning taste, like chili. We put the mixture in a little sack made from part of a deer’s intestine. We spit in the bag and tie it up and hang it in a tree for about three to five days until it gets good and rotten. To make it really deadly, we try to get a pregnant woman to fart in the bag. Then we take it down and paint the mixture on the points of our arrows. When one of these arrows is shot into a deer, no matter if it merely scratches him, he will die in about eighty yards. This is how we make poison arrows except for the part about the pregnant woman. We just like to tell that to White people because they always believe us. It is only a joke.”

As ridiculous and absurd and made up as this may sound, this is almost verbati m from the book “Western Apache Raiding & Warfare” by Grenville Goodwin, who interviewed living Apache warriors in the 1930s. Many people aren’t aware that Native Americans have a good sense of humor, especially Apaches.

Also worked on several scratchboa rds with so-so results. Swam laps, took a nap. Watched more of the Richard Schickel narrative on “The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.” Man, I enjoy that blamed DVD. A great Father’s Day present.

Kathy went up to Blockbuster last night and rented “The Trip lets of Belleville” a French animated film that came highly recommended. I won’t say who raved about it but all I can say is I’d like to get a pregnant Apache woman to fart in her hand bag. I should have known better because it’s FRENCH!!!! Man that movie was irritating to me. The drawings were good, but what the hell are those French people smoking? I usually like weird, but this was just irritating, to me.

Carole Glenn told me she heard Paul Harvey do his "Rest of the Story" about O Homo on Friday morn ing. This is the nude guy who walked into Tombstone in the 1880s and got arrested and became a national celebrity. Fly took a photo of him (he called himself O Homo) and we offered $500 (offer still stands) if anybody can find a photo of him. Many were pr inted as a novelty and sold for a buck. There has to be a copy somewhere, but so far, nothing has turned up.

“The world is proof that God is a committee.”
—Bob Stokes~

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