Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Bonus Blog
Here are Carole Glenn's notes from our staff meeting on Tuesday:

Status of Religion in the West issue:
Bob said that the issue is shaping up well. He said that he has used the blog as a focus group and to stir the pot and create discussion. He has sent Jason four sketches to post and hopes staff are reading the blog and keeping up with this. He said he has no intention of running anything on the cover which would hurt TW and realizes this is a very sensitive subject based on responses received and the people providing them.

Bob said that he feels Jesus is worthy of a TW cover and the idea came about because some major magazines (Time and Newsweek) have had great success lately with Jesus on their covers. Bob said that there is a fine line between provocative and blasphemy and humor and mockery. He said a cover is needed which honors Jesus and his place in western history without the hint of mockery.

Bob said that we need to do what is right for TW and that this has been an interesting and stimulating process. He said that he wants to create covers that raise issues without offending.

Bob said that he painted an image of Clint Eastwood with face in shadows and Roland suggested the title, "The Good, the Bad and the Holy". Bob said that Dan didn't care for that. Mike Melrose said that Clint is very hot right now and has been nominated for a best actor and director at the Academy Awards.

Bob said that he is also considering using a Navajo rug image, but does not want to do a lukewarm cover. The Passion of the West was suggested as a cover blurb (by Sue Lambert).

Bob said that religion in the west is an important story and that the article that Jana wrote is excellent. There will also be a timeline of religion events in the west.

—Carole Glenn, General Manager, True West magazine

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