Thursday, September 15, 2005

September 15, 2005
I woke up at 4:30 with a phrase floating in my semi-conscious mind: “Three women loved him.” I made a mental note to remember this (often a hopeless request during R.E.M. sleep), and went back to sleep. Incredibly, when I re-awoke at 6:15, there it was, waiting for me. I assume it is my sub-conscious mind, trying to help me create a worthy story (see today’s quote, below).

As I woke up, Kathy read to me in bed (one of the perks of being married to someone who actually reads books). It was from a Psych book on dysfunctional families and the ego, entitled “Identity and the Life Cycle.” I thought the author sucked (some bigtime giant of Psychology named Erikson?) but he quoted George Bernard Shaw at length, and that was quite inspiring. George talked about how he got up every day and forced himself to write five pages no matter what and that was the key to his success. So simple, so profound.

Got up, did six sketches and wrote a page on my new story. Felt great. Got into the office at about nine, worked on the Funk Hill robbery copy, Emailed it to John Boessenecker and Bill Secrest for historical accuracy. Both are superb experts on California history.

Went home for lunch and had leftover tacos (3) and iced coffee. Went out into the studio and started a painting, came back to the office.

Ed Mell and I are planning a plein air painting trip in mid-October. I really want to get up into the Santa Maria, Burro Creek Wilderness Area. I have been driving this route (hwy 93) since 1957 and every single time I have traversed this rugged stretch of canyons, I make the vow to come back and paint it someday. I contacted Tom Carpenter up in Flag, who lived in Wickiup for a time and he recommended several sites. He also volunteered to “caddie” for us, which we just may take him up on. Also at Tom's suggestion, I called the Cane Springs Ranch, north of Wickiup on availability and we are thinking of renting a three-bedroom ranch house to do it in style. Kind of exciting, finally acting on something after fifty years. Ha.

””No art comes from the conscious mind.”
—David Mamet

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