Tuesday, September 27, 2005

September 27, 2005
Four days to the big show. Many meetings and distractions. Had a staff meeting at about nine, then a pow-wow with George Laib (former manager of Waylon and Willy and Larry Mahan and Goose Creek Symphony, among others). He has great ideas on marketing. Both Bob and Trish Brink were impressed with him.

Jana Bommersbach came in at eleven. Her, Meghan and I went over our proposed editorial calendar for 2006. Debated whether Apaches were terrorists, or not. The three of us went to lunch at Satisfied Frog. Had the caesar salad and an iced tea. I bought ($47, includes tip, credit card).

Joey Dillon (amazing gun handler, been on “Wild West Tech”), Tony Casanova and Dennis Moore came by at two. They have filmed a short Western and gun-handling high-def DVD out at Cowtown and wanted to fill me in on it. Sounds like they had fun. All three bought the new Classic Gunfights book, six posters and Tony bought all five of my other titles. That was a nice Tuesday afternoon treat

The BBC (Ireland Division) wants two more photos, one of Zane Gray and the other of Louis L’Amour ASAP. Robert Ray uploaded images via Email before lunchtime.

Frank and Patty Fara came by at three. They are using one of my Billy the Kid paintings on their newest CD: “Charming Billy.”

Tagged ten more paintings, but didn’t get far enough. I’ll need to stay late and tag another 25 if I plan on having the paintings ready to hang by Thursday. I wish I had more time, but you know what the old vaqueros used to say. . .

“Time as he grows old teaches all things.”
—Old Vaquero Saying

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