Thursday, September 22, 2005

September 22, 2005
Carole Glenn couldn’t wait for today’s Paul Harvey news report on True West so she went online and listened to it there at about ten. Isn’t this damn internet thing just amazing? If you missed the piece, you can access it as well at then click on Paul Harvey which takes you to his website and then you click on “Thursday noon” and viola there it is.

Finished up tweaking the Black Bart Classic Gunfight copy at about ten. Gus and I shoe-horned in the layout and turned it over to Meghan, who is putting her definitive touches on the piece (she finds the smallest typos, for example, Gus misspelled Downieville, California on the map! Very small, but she has the eagle proofing eye).

Went home for lunch and had two homemade tacos (Taco Bell?) and listened to Paul Harvey live, as opposed to the website sound bite. So odd to be sitting in our kitchen listening to the news and hearing Paul Harvey intone in that dramatic distinctive way. . .”Bob—Boze—Bell knows.” I just looked at the small kitchen radio and laughed. It was quite surreal.

One person who is probably not laughing is Allen Barra, who wrote the Zorro piece that Harvey kept attributing to me. In my defense, Paul never asked me about it on the phone. He just told me he was going to do a piece on the magazine.

Yesterday, Sam and I sent out the artshow press release to local radio and newspaper people. Got back this response almost immediately:

“Not just yes, but HELL YES!!! I get asked about you all the time! For a while I couldn't remember if you were the guy from Kingman who blew up the Oklahoma building or not. I guess since he's dead and you're still e-mailing me, I've cleared that up!”
—Tim Hattrick, of Tim & Willy on Country radio station KNIX

I’m going down to Tempe to Buck Owens-ville to do their morning show next Wednesday. Not looking forward to getting up at four, but for a decade that was my life, and one day is not going to kill me.

And speaking of the press release, here’s a parody of the release from a blog reader, based on our current gay cover controversy:

features 120 original and delicate interpretations, but dethrones Tombstone's most famous republican, Wyatt Earp!

Finally an intimate portrait of Billy Breckenridge [who many assume was gay] and his brave struggle for diversity in the west's wildest town. See how two groups of hot-blooded, lonely and desperate men, unable to quench their desires with alcohol or in the arms of women, slap it out for the front position.

Bell's sensitive insights into southern Arizona's premiere boomtown, next to San Francisco, are aided by his close ties with many Blue-Staters.”

End of parody. Thanks Alan. GOOD DAY.

”People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can't find them, they make them.”
—George Bernard Shaw

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