Friday, October 14, 2005

October 14 , 2005
I’ve been on a media blitz with no time to blog. Got home last night late, even later the night before. Attended a top secret history meeting in a dark and dank setting. Much illegal activity involving knives and petty bickering. More on that later.

We got a great letter from Germany this morning: “I still like Bob Boze Bell’s diary and the words of the Old Vaquero. Last week a friend sent me a letter and ended, ‘Life is a matter of wind—if there’s no wind, it doesn’t matter.’ Maybe he met an old vaquero—’kuhhirte’—as we say in Germany.”
—Peter Hast, Krefeld—Traar, Germany

Big art trip coming up tomorrow. Lots to do before I go. Tomcat is flying in tonight. Big dinner planned with the famdam (hint: he misses Mexican food).

“Snow in a Western is bad luck.”
—Old Italian Producer, commenting on Spaghetti Westerns

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