Wednesday, November 02, 2005

November 2, 2005
Yesterday morning I bunged my knee on a bike spill on the road in front of my house. Went right down like an old man without a clue. I was looking backwards at the time, checking the road for neighbors with dogs. Didn’t hurt too bad at the time, but last night it really hurt at the slightest movement. Better today.

Met with George Laibe and Mark Boardman at nine this morning to go over our recording session down at Canyon Records. The three of us left the office at about 10:15 and made it down to 33rd Ave and Clarendon (below Indian School) by 11. Met legendary sound engineer Jack Miller (he was the engineer on the Stones’ Satisfaction and Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown, in addition to, Duane Eddy’s Rebel Rouser, among others). He had some pretty amazing stories to tell, but he requested me not to run them here. He’s a very honorable guy and feels it would be unseemly. Too bad. The Stones story was nasty.

We recorded three spots for ProRodeo Radio, adding Mike Torres’ original guitar creation "Cathouse Melee," which sounded absolutely bitchin’! Mike and I were in rival bands growing up in Kingman: The Exits vs. The Deltones?

After the session I treated everybody to huevos rancheros up at Pepe’s Taco Villa on West Camelback ($33. 59 includes tip). Mark, George and I had a big talk about marketing and the internet. Both guys are predicting a media tsunami coming and are prodding me to act sooner than later. Very convincing those two Boys.

Robert Ray didn’t get the joke on the latest Honkytonk Sue and said so. I showed it to Carole Glenn and she agreed. So, this afternoon I had Gus put in another set of drawings along with a new gag. It’s not great, but hey, she’s not smoking!

"If it bends, it's funny; if it breaks, it's not funny."
—Woody Allen

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