Wednesday, November 23, 2005

November 23, 2005
My voice is still shredded. Sounds worse than yesterday. And to think I used to do this six nights a week in the band.

Working hard on True West Moment scripts. We’re also doing a full page rodeo ad on the Endurance of the Horse, a print extension of the campaign. I brought in a photo of Roy Rogers galloping on Trigger. I had Robert Ray scan that puppy in, and we’re sending the whole deal down to Dan Harshberger to Danielize it.

Last night I was watching the end of the Michigan State-Gonzaga basketball game (the U of A—UConn game followed). With 4.6 seconds left in the third overtime, Kathy called. She was on the way back from Palm Springs and said, "One of the girls who lives north of us is stuck in a ditch. Can you come down and help them?” So like a good neighbor I jumped in the Ranger and drove up to our neighbor's place to see a small, compact car hanging off the edge of the driveway with the right rear wheel in mid-air. I told them to start the car and put it in gear. I got down in the ditch, under the bumper and along with one of the girls we rocked it until it pushed off and cleared the rock.

Got back to the house about a half hour later. Gonzaga won.

Had a budget meeting today at ten. Bob and Trish Brink, Carole and I. Call it Operation Living Within Our Means. Many positive trends in the numbers, but as Bob Brink keeps telling us, this is the time to be careful and not get out too far in front of ourselves. It’s great to have someone with so much experience in the publishing game on our team.

At four today I'm going down to Paradise Valley to meet with a drama coach. It's part of my effort to be a little more effective on camera. I have been doing my History Channel and Westerns Channel appearances totally on ham-bone instinct. George and Mark feel I could use some polishing.

“I became a lawman because I wanted to be in a business where the customer is always wrong.”
—Wyatt Earp (yeh, right)

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