Thursday, May 10, 2007

May 10, 2007 Bonus Blog
This post makes 1,700 (there is a counter on the home page when I log on). Pretty amazing. This is also my eighth year pushing and pulling the True West wagon. Funny, because it feels much longer. Ha.

The Mapinator Weighs In
"Hope you guys get the mag out on time. When i was in basic training the drill instructors were always yelling 'Stand Tall,' 'Stand Tall.' the Dan Coomer illustration splendily captures that phrase."
—Gus Walker, The Mapinator

Speaking of Gus, Robert Ray just infused the Gage Train Robbery image, below, into the Mapinator's map of the event, blending the smoke up into the map, but behind the call-out boxes. Very groovy.

Due Dilligence
I worked hard on the reference sketches (below) and had some good photos of train wrecks to go from. Unfortunately, I had to rush the painting because of the deadline and it's my own damn fault. I cheated myself by pushing it to the last minute.

Went to lunch with two old Kingman Kids, Mike Torres, 58, and DeDe Alvarado, 54. Fun catching up on their lives. DeDe is also a drummer, and when I did my first gig (1963) I rented his brother, Sonny's drums. We went to El Encanto and sat by the pond (had the half-fajitas lunch special, $15 cash each, split three ways, includes tip). Lots of our mutual friends and girl friends are not doing too well, not to mention, being dead. We must have filled half-a-graveyard with stories ("He's dead? Are you kidding me?!").

Mike played us a new CD he made just for our TV efforts. He calls it "Bull Ride" and it's got big drums and even bigger guitar. Mike is way talented and I enjoyed the groove. He gave me a CD of it and I'll post it if I ever learn how.

Coincidently, another old bandmate and Kingman friend, Terry Anderson, called yesterday from Prescott. He was visiting Janet Childress and they called me. Terry is on the way to Vegas on his Harley, to meet his brother Mark. Their father, Tom, had mining claims and property in and around Oatman, and now that area is booming, and the two brothers need to clean up some title work. I'm glad they are finally getting a payback for all of their father's efforts in the mining world of Mohave County. I know he struggled for a long time.

Onion Headline de Jour
Roommate Not Seen For, Like, Five Days

"Who then is free? The wise man who can govern himself."

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