Wednesday, May 23, 2007

May 23, 2007
Had to take the dogs to the groomer this morning. Peaches got her anti-anxiety pill at about seven. Hung her head on my arm all the way to Patty's Grooming, next to the Dairy Queen. Buddy Boze Hatkiller looked at the scenery and had that look that said at every turn, "How do I get that in my mouth?"

Lots of good comments on my John Wayne trip. Here they are:

"When you go out to Winterset, Iowa next week be sure to visit the Bridges of Madison County. Clint Eastwood directed his film right there where John Wayne was born. I stopped in a few years back and took some photographs myself. Have a great trip!"
—Jim Hatzell

"Can you imagine the now famous/infamous "boxers or briefs" question posed by Laetitia Thompson to President Bill Clinton in 1984 sprung on John Wayne? And the Duke's solomn faced reply? "Why no baby sister, they're longjohns." Actually, would anyone possibly consider asking the Big Man actor what presses against the cheeks located under his holster where heparks his hogleg when it's not in action?"

"I think he's exactly like Queen Elizabeth, a human symbol. With John Wayne, you've got the Liberty Valance question: print the truth or the myth? The fair thing is to do both, but does your audience want what's fair? I would point out the man was a better actor than he gets credit for."
—Will Shetterly

"When I was a pup in Cherokee, Iowa I helped deliver RC cola, Nehi grape soda and Frostie root beer to the little stores in the little towns in northwest Iowa. One of those towns was Winterset, even then (1963) they were very proud of Marion (that's what many of the residents called him). I remember talking to some of the old timers and they said his family was dirt poor and headed west to see what they could find..... and as they say the rest is history and legend. God bless the Duke."
—Kevin Mulkins

"I just caught up on your blog after a relaxing weekend. Now I read and get quite jealous of you today. I have tried to figure a way to get to Winterset the last several months. It simply did not work out. I would like to be there for this celebration. I have mentioned before John Wayne was and is my one hero.

"I was about 8-years-old in the early 50s when I saw Hondo for the first time. It was just my mother and I when I was growing up. Here was this mother and son alone and this guy comes and rescues them. I think I
probably adopted Mr. Wayne's screen persona as my father figure. A guy could do a lot worse. I will raise a glass of Suaza to him on the 26th. The values he displayed on the screen work well today. It also gave me an unquenchable desire to study/read about the West. By the way, my SASS alias is Hondo Howard. Have a great time and give a great talk, Pilgrim
—Hugh Howard, Maniac# 9

No Country Update
"I was checking out the trailers for that movie... looks interesting. Here's release dates from


19 May 2007
(Cannes Film Festival)

13 June 2007
(Naples Film Festival)

9 November 2007

21 November 2007

6 February 2008

7 February 2008

8 February 2008

"Full release is in the States this November. The European releases, as you can see, are film festivals. We'll have to see if it does as well as Sicko at the Cannes! :o)"
—Harold Roberts, Tucson

My goal is to finish four Honkytonk Sue's by tomorrow, then I'm flying to Des Moines at six, arriving there at 11 P.M. Driving to Winterset on Friday and Saturday. Home Saturday night, then start on The Battle of Big, Dry Wash for August issue, and finish the script for The Top Secret Project. Too much to do. I wonder what the old vaqueros have to say about that?

"Who begins too much accomplishes little."
—Old Vaquero Saying

Well, I don't like that quote. I wonder what my Iowa, farmer, Norweigian kin have to say about that?

"If you want something done, give it to a busy man."
—Old Norsky Saying

That's more like it.

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