Friday, May 25, 2007

May 25, 2007 Bonus, Bonus Blog
Just got in from a big night at the Stoney Creek Lodge in north Des Moines. Almost the entire Wayne family was in attendance and they were quite gregarious and fun, posing for photos with everyone and laughing. Life is so ironic. One of John Wayne's grandsons is a priest, Father Matt Munoz, and he has a long pony tail and a fu manchu mustache, looking not unlike Frank Zappa (he is celebrating mass in Winterset tomorrow at 5:30 P.M.). Met many stars from the Wayne movies including Edward Faulkner who sat at our table and Barry Corbin, who was a hoot. He came up to our table (#4) and said, "Bob Boze Bell, I watch you every night on the Westerns Channel." Gave away a box of True Wests. Could have done quite a few more, but it was good that people were clamoring for them.

But the big surprise, was saved for last when Jennifer Wayne, 23, another grand-daughter, took the stage to do two numbers. She is a striking blond who somewhat resembles Faith Hill. She had a real funky guitar player with her, who had blond, spiked hair and one of those Charlie Chan chin whisker-pointed outgrowth protusions that is sort of a King Tut deal. He accompanied her on two songs and really carried it off well (I have been around enough guitar players to know how difficult that is). When Jennifer did an original rocker called "God Bless John Wayne," and she got a standing ovation, she introduced her guitar player as "the famous Jeremy Popoff." He was pained, and waved her off, like he didn't want his name even mentioned.

Afterwards I walked to the back of the room and as he was putting his guitar away, I said, "Okay, who do you really play with?" And he smiled and said, "Lit." Of course I didn't have a clue who that is, but I knew I would soon find out. Came back to the Michael Richard's condo and Googled "Lit" and "Jeremy Popoff" and there they were: their 1999 CD "A Place In The Sun" was number one for three months and the breakout single "My Own Worst Enemy" was a huge hit. Can't wait to tell Thomas Charles. I'm sure he knows who they are.

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