Wednesday, September 17, 2008

September 17, 2008
As always, interesting comments from everyone and as is typical, no clear consensus:

“FREE may be a wee bit too big (or MICKEY too small). Upon seeing that large red FREE, people might just think it's a giveaway and walk out of the store without paying. Otherwise - it's quite stunning!”
—Steve Lodge

“Of the two simplest designs, I prefer the one that is primarily brown. Too much red in the other. Has it really been four years? I thought it only felt that long.”
—Tom Carpenter

"That last one with the red, white, and black is pretty striking. I look forward to the finished product."
—Seth Wilson

"Bob, . . I like the top one. Excellent."

"I like Dan Harshberger's cover the best.

"I don't like the second, graphic one so much because Mickey looks older, and he's just standing there. In the first cover he looks younger, with a defiant and cocky attitude. It gives the promise of a more exciting book. I like him straddling the rocks, and the tension it creates. I think the blend of old and new is apparent from his old style clothing with your modern artwork. On the second cover, everything looks old. It doesn't compel me to open the book.

"I would make a few changes, however. Remove the eagle, the lightning, and the blue and white patch of clouds on the right. I think the other readers are right that there is too much going on. You want the focus on Mickey.

"I also don't love the color of the banner on the left - that red isn't quite right (on my monitor, anyway). Maybe more of an orangy red would go better with the rest of the colors.

"Can you tell I went to art school? he he."

—Lauren, Maniac #19

Worked late last night on a new ending image (spurred on by the sniping comment from yesterday about the bad writing). If you have been following along, you can probably guess who it is and what it means:

Hint: The name of the painting is "Sierra Madre Bonita"

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