Thursday, September 25, 2008

September 25, 2008
Volatile day with Mickey Free. Two steps backwards, one and a half-forward. Ran into—again!—whether to use boxes on the cartoon narrative. Meghan believes the excerpt absolutely has to have them, instead of captions. I loathe cartoons boxes! They seem so lame and 1950s to me, but she is right. There are too many competing fonts and it's hard to follow.

When we get this all roughed in I need to send the whole damn thing to someone who can give us an objective opinion on whether it works, or not. Does it track? Is it a mess? Should I go join my dogs in jail and fah-get-about-it?

Speaking of which, I went and visited the two jailbirds again this afternoon. Brought Peaches her "baby" a squeaky toy she loves. I also brought them both leftover chicken strips and a handful of almonds. Sat on the floor of their tiny cells and got slobbered on pretty good.

Worked at lunchtime on a painting called "Sibi's Crew" and it's of the Apache Kid, Al Sieber, Tom Horn and Mickey Free. All four are riding hell-bent right at us and it's the best Remington knock-off I can do (well, at least it is at about half done). I'll post it tomorrow for your consideration.

Came back into the office and just finished a design review with Robert Ray and Meghan and we salvaged the day (it looked way bleak this morning). I think we can see our way out of the woods, we just need to keep moving towards the light (of the proverbial oncoming train).

I feel fortunate to have this extra time to finally get this damn project out and I daily thank the doctors, the medicine, the rehab, my bandmates who knew CPR and my friends and family for giving me that chance. Gee, I wonder what ol' Franklin P. Adams has to say about that?

"And of all glad words of prose or rhyme,
The grandest are, 'Act while there yet is time.'"
—Franklin P. Adams

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