Sunday, February 15, 2009

February 15, 2009
Tom Tumas and I drove to Wickenburg Saturday morning to participate in the Wickenburg rodeo parade. Tom lined up amazing talent and we totally rocked the route. Photos tomorrow.

Got home at three and took Kathy out to dinner at Saba's Greek food restaurant in Carefree and then she took me to a movie. I chose "The Wrestler" starring Mickey Free, I mean Rourke, and Marisa To-Mi-Madre! in her full, topless, pole dancing glory. The movie is stunning and, ahem, pulls no punches. Lots of integrity, funny, sad, gross and honest to a fault. Oh, and a decent song by Bruce Springsteen.

All in all, a perfect Valentine's Day here in the land of red tile roofs.

"Retail follows roofs."
—Phoenix adage until the current meltdown

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