Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 22, 2009
Last night we drove over to the westside of the Beast for a surprise birthday party for Gordon Smith. Gordon, who turns sixty, is a very funny guy and when we did our radio show on KSLX he did a character called Dr. Buford, who was a stitch-and-a-half. Had lots of fun and many laughs.

Reclaimed part of my studio this afternoon, so I can move the big Billy the Kid oil painting into the north light space. The painting is now in the breezeway, which is ridiculous since I have a thousand foot studio space.

Speaking of the Kid, got this query today:

"When Billy posed for his famous photo with the guns, is it correct info that the hat he had on his head was not his? It possibly belonged to the photographer? From the info that I have dug up Billy rushed from a saloon when he heard the photographer was nearby. He was in such a hurry he forgot his hat in the saloon and when posing for the photo, his hair was such a mess that the photographer loaned Billy his hat to cover up the messy hair. Is that correct info?"

I have read nothing from the record that confirms this version, but that is what some want to believe.

The truth is most Billy buffs don't much like that hat in the photograph and want desperately to get it off his head! Ha. Of course, the Kid probably wore many hats in his short career and Pat Garrett claimed the Kid favored a "sombrero" from Chihuahua. That is the hat I'm putting on his head in my graphic novel "El Kid."

But, I too, will have to deal with the photograph, and why that slouch hat is on his head on that particular day. You'll have to read my graphic novel to find out how I have dealt with it.

And, by the way, in the big oil painting I have gone with the hat from the photograph, because like it or not, that's how we see the little Bastard.

I also worked on some set pieces for the Mickey Free graphic novel. And, speaking of the Mickster, got this inquiry yesterday:

On Sat, Feb 21, 2009 at 3:54 PM, Jennifer Jones wrote:

Hi there Bob!
Can you help me please? Since our last visit to USA I have been desperately searching for the graphic Novel 'Mickey Free' that was mentioned in an article in True West Magazine - it look great!
My man Roger would be a cowboy out West if he could - we have a home in England that is full of Western memorabilia - we holiday on Ranches out west - he would very much like a copy of your graphic novel to add to his collection. Can you advise me as to how or where I can purchase it.

Thank you very much (in anticipation)
Jenny Jones

You came to the right place. We are working on the book version of the graphic novel even as you read this and will have it ready in late fall, hopefully in time for a Christmas release.


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