Thursday, February 05, 2009

February 5, 2009
I was in meetings all day yesterday. Had lunch with Peter Brown, of Lawman fame (and he dated Ann Margret!), and a local movie producer. They are creating a reality show on gunfighters and wanted my input. I told them they needed three things: Phil Spangenberger, Annie Bianco and SASS. We went to Tonto Bar & Grill. They paid.

After lunch I met with Bob and Trish Brink and a good friend of theirs from the Hearst company who is a financial whiz and is retiring to Carefree. He is taking all of our expenses and income and creating spread sheets to see where every penny comes in and goes out. We already have most of this, but he has brilliant ways of comparing and contrasting these numbers to spot opportunities and problems. He's already found significant areas of discussion. Really a smart guy and we're lucky to have him doing this for us.

At two I met with photographer Jay Dusard, artists Mark McDowell and Bill Schenk about the big vaquero package we're creating for next fall. All will participate and we may even do a book. Lots of great ideas.

Called Ed Mell, who, along with his wife Rose Marie and their cabin in Prescott, is featured in the current issue of True West (which should be arriving at your house in the next couple days). Ed and I are planning a plein air painting trip to Billy the Kid country with Gary Ernest Smith. We're trying to schedule a five day trip in April, and I'm setting up the itinerary with stops in Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Anton Chico, Puerto de Luna, Sunnyside, Fort Sumner, Portales, Roswell, Lincoln, Socorro, Datil, Reserve and home. I love this country and can't wait to throw paint around with these two monster talents.

Got a call last night from Mickey Campa, our Class Governor. Fellow MUCHS classmate, Joe Kingman Senz, died in his home the day before yesterday. Joe lived about a block from our family on Hilltop and we both had Honda Fifties when we were 14. So, naturally we terrorized our neighborhood with our incessant buzzing at all hours of the day and night. Joe was a good guy.

A Hollywood video pro is in New York this week pitching a cable show that will feature our Classic Gunfights and, possibly, Mickey Free.

Speaking of the Mickster, our business manager, Carole Glenn, got this email from a musician friend in Texas: "Mickey Rourke could play Mickey Free without any makeup! Hell, Mickey Rourke is Mickey Free!"

Amen to that.

"Having your book turned into a movie is like seeing your oxen turned into bouillon cubes."
—Some great author

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