Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June 10, 2009
Kit Carson just waltzed into my office this morning. Not the explorer, the artist and jeweler. He just finished a guitar for Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top and it's about the coolest damn thing I've ever seen, Kit also designed and built his own house which backs up to 3,000 acres of the Cave Creek Preserve (Meaning no one can spoil his view). We're going to feature Kit, his art and his house in an upcoming issue of True West.

Meanwhile, I've been wailing on various pieces of artwork. Here's my ten sketches from yesterday:

Over the weekend I was in the garage and noticed a pile of discarded artwork. I saw potential in the one on top, brought the whole stack in to the studio and started cracking. First up, a very impressionistic take on the young Mickey Free:

Love the eye glint. He is a captivo for sure. Also, did a quick wash over a decent cloud image,

which seemed to unify the whole thing, then added a yellow ochre foreground which popped it good. And did basically the same to another cloud work:

Another discarded board had a very soupy look, so I added a dark foreground and ended up calling it "Smouldering Canyon":

Ha. After adding some shadow to a head shot of a Victorian woman I realized she reminded me of my grandmother, and so I call this one "Guessie," which was her nickname:

And, although it's politically incorrect, I would have to say this is a Redhead:

Not a bad redemption effort for a pile of art that was going to the trash. I guess I better watch myself better when I think I have failed on a painting. Gee, I wonder what Krassner has to say about this?

"Watch yourself as though you were observing a Martian."
—Paul Krassner

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