Monday, June 22, 2009

June 22, 2009
Looks like the antibiotics my doctor prescribed have knocked out the inflamation in my left arm. Still not sure if it's a reaction to all the heart meds I'm on, or whether it was a Hualapai Tiger bite. I Googled side effects of three of the meds I'm taking at night and two of them can cause hives, so I stopped taking those for the time being and it seems to be working.

Then, last night, just before we went to sleep, Kathy said, "Oh, look at that. Isn't that a Hualapai Tiger?" Sure enough, hugging a Monument Valley framed photo on her side of the bed was this nasty little booger that Kathy squished before I could even get around the bed.

This morning I got this:

"Hualapai Tiger, Mexican bed bugs, Assassin bugs or Kissin’ bugs what ever you call them are nasty little buggar. You know them from Kingman, but you know they are also common here in the Sonoran desert foothills of Cave Creek, Arizona. I encountered them when I lived in a 70-year-old line shack on the Crescent Moon Ranch between Pinnacle Peak and Reata Pass in the 1980s. Those bad news bugs seems to get through the slightest wholes in your house and get in to mate during May and June. That’s why if you find one most likely you’ll find another. These bugs from hell also fly!
Usually they feed on blood in bird and rodent nests. Yuck! Can anyone spell Hantavirus?
If a man and woman are sleeping together it is usually the woman who gets bit – because of the woman’s higher body temperature. Some people are really allergic to the bites and some are fine. Bob, since you are still around, you are probably going to be OK — with all that you have gone through — you are made of tougher metal."

"Don't let the beg bugs bite."
—Old Family Saying

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