Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 23, 2009
Got up this morning and whipped out a quick landscape:

Went to yoga class, then into the office to take care of several photo assignments. Called John Beckett to go shoot Kit Carson's house and I also set up a photo shoot in Mogollon, New Mexico with a new photographer in Truth Or Consequences who we want to try out. In fact, I first spotted Bill Lindley's photos on this website. He's very good.

Left the office at about 10:15 and drove into the Beast. Stopped first at Bob and Mica Steinhilber's home on north 21st avenue and dropped off a half dozen big canvases that need to be restretched, due to rotting corners. I've stored them in the garage for 20 years and water has eaten the corners. When I told Bob Steinhilber I was on my way to Ed Mell's studio to have Kenny Richardson shoot my big Billy the Kid oil painting, Bob told me I was in for a surprise. He said to be sure and check out Ed's new Triumph TR-4 which he supposedly has parked right next to where he paints. I didn't believe him, but when I walked into Ed's studio, there it was:

Ed told me sheepishly, he doesn't have anywhere else to put it (he has a classic Packard nearby in the only other space available). Here's another angle:

And another angle, showing off Ed's paintings a bit better. Damn, he's good!

Hauling in my big Billy oil painting ("Brothers In Arms" is the official title) I realized it hasn't quite dried completely so Ed recommended giving it another couple days and then a sealing coat to bring all of the darks out. When in doubt, go with the master.

I treated Ed and Kenny to lunch at the Cafe At Heard Museum Main just off Central:

I had a cup of gazpacho soup and the vegetarian quesadillos, Ed had the posole soup and Kenny had a turkey and brie sandwich on cranberry bread with a salad. Excellent food, but a little pricey ($59, biz account, includes tip).

From the Heard Museum we drove down to Kenny's gallery which is at 501 E. Roosevelt in downtown Phoenix. A fabulous mural on the west wall knocked me flat out:

Two things: the mural is by a couple guys who travel around the world doing these incredible images. Their names are Mac and Kofie (who's from LA). That's Ed and Kenny standing by the mural and in the background is a special lunch stand for the homeless (high school age).

The show that's up right now at the Pravus Gallery is very strong. Here's Kenny standing in front of several pieces in the show:

The featured artists are Alex Rubio and Vincent Valdez. The black and white boxer to the right of Kenny is seven feet high. Very retro Mexican boxer. The other two paintings are of the artists painting each other's portrait. If you'd like to see more, go to:

Pravus Gallery

Very inspiring. when I go see artwork that's good it always makes me want to elevate my game.

"Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable."
—George Bernard Shaw

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