Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Great White Mammoth Jack

December 8, 2010
Getting everything lined up for our trip to Vegas tomorrow. Bought chicken food on the way home for lunch at Black Mountain Feed ($16 for Le Mash and a $1 tip for the guy who loaded it in the Ranger).

Went home for lunch and whipped out a study of Mickey Free on a big, white mule. Still working on the scale between the diminutive scout and a mammoth jack. Want the semi-equine to be massive and muscular. He is, after all, the Batmobile and the Hulk rolled into one:

Also working on a commission. It's a surprise so I can't really talk about it. Should finish it tonight.

Printed our first Sweethearts of the Rodeo greeting cards and Robert Ray picked them up yesterday. We're taking a batch to Desert Caballeros Museum in Wickenburg tomorrow and the rest go to Vegas for Cowboy Christmas. Drop by the True West booth at Mandalay Bay if you want to see 'em.

"If a mammoth jack pins back his ears, best hunt cover."

—Old Vaquero Saying

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