Friday, December 03, 2010

Hat Rant San Carlos Style

December 3, 2010
On Monday John Langellier dropped off a batch of Apache photos from his substantial collection and we are using quite a few of them in our opus Apache Wars feature (Jan.-Feb. issue). One of the photos we won't be running, but is very cool, is this image of Troop C, U.S. Cavalry at San Carlos in 1883:

A great array of hat styles, but two that caught my eye were these:

The two, at left, appear to have winged brims (especially the second guy—that is a modern cowboy hat if I've ever seen one and would certainly be banned from most modern Western movie sets), and even the guy lying down has a modern sweep to his hat. Also interesting that the old buy with the white beard was a cavalry trooper. He kind of resembles Mose, the John Ford regular with the bald head. What was that guy's name?

"There is a greater symmetry of design in asymmetry."

—Old Master Artist Saying

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