Friday, December 03, 2010

Red Storm Rising & The Dude vs. The Duke

December 3, 2010
Still tweaking our January cover which goes to the printer on Tuesday. Working from home, Meghan Saar emailed me she wants to get in our coverage of the new True Grit (The Duke vs. The Dude), which Henry Beck did a great job on. So Dan The Man added that cover blurb to the mix.

Several of my friends have already seen the new True Grit and the reviews are mixed. Dan G. saw it several nights ago at a director's guild screening in LA and said it is basically shot for shot of the Duke version, but with little or no humor. Ouch! Coen Brother fans (that would include me) have been hoping that they would add at least a dollop of their patented demented humor quotient to the deal to give it their unique cinema stamp, but this is troubling, if, in fact it's true. I'm supposed to go to a press screening next Tuesday in Scottsdale with Henry.

Went home for lunch and whipped out a nice little study called "Red Storm Rising":

Nice storm effect of a big thunderhead dumping the deluge across the desert floor. Mountains and In-din rider to be added later.

"When you rub science and superstition together you get fire."
—Old Vaquero Saying

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