Saturday, February 26, 2011

Goodbye Peaches

February 26, 2011

Had to put Peaches down yesterday. Advanced cancer of the lymph nodes. She was active right up to the end, taking on a neighboring dog just two days ago on our walk, forcing the intruder off the road with an aggressive snap to the neck. As my neighbor Tom Augherton put it, "She was definitely an alpha female." My son T. Charles put it a little more bluntly, "She was a bitch, but she was OUR bitch."

I loved that Aussie-sheep herdin'-neighborhood-terror and told her almost every day that she was a dog.

It's supposed to snow here tomorrow! Amazing. Quite Temperate at the moment, although cloudy. Forecast is snow down to 2,000 feet and we are at 2,200.

Just got this from fellow Zane Bro, Mad Coyote Joe:

"They ain't but two people that can make a proper tamale, and I'm both of them!"

—The San Antonio Tamale King, as quoted from "A Bowl of Red" by Wick Fowler.

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