Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Less Ecstacy, More Realism

February 1, 2011
Pretty day out, supposed to get nasty cold tomorrow. Before I went into work this morning I finished a study of Mickey Free on his combative mule. I call this one When Stop Means Go:

While I was in Corsicana, Texas I attended a workshop on sculpture run by Keith McMasters of Washington State. He is a big ol' boy and reminds me of Andy Devine, Jingles on the old Wild Bill TV show ("Wait for me Wild Bill!"). Anyway, he was telling about how he and his three brothers would play Indians growing up and how they took dickies (those fake turtleneck sweater deals with a flap in front and back) and wear those dickies round their waists to simulate Arapaho jockstraps.

Now there's an image I am still trying to get out of my head!

"Some of the artwork here tonight is like a second marriage: less ecstacy, more realism."—Overheard at Pearce Museum on Friday night

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