Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wyatt Earp Time Travel Story

February 16, 2011

Ever since I attended that ADD seminar last October (that Kathy made me go to!) I have committed fifteen minutes every morning to a new project. Why? Because. . .

"Setting a goal and sticking to it changes everything."
—Old Procrastinator Saying

Yesterday, I finished the last page of notes for a new Wyatt Earp-Curly Bill time travel story (120 pages of entries starting on October 30, 2011 and ending yesterday) that I have wanted to do for the past 30 years (see Old Procrastinator above). This new story will run in Graphic Cinema after the last Mickey Free episode, which is scheduled for the June issue. Here's a taste:

Jeep Tour Driver: "If I was Curly Bill I'd probably go to Vegas."

Earp: "Las Vegas, New Mexico?"

Jeep Driver: "You know, 'What happens in Vegas. . .stays in VEGAS.'"

Earp [looking at Kid Burns]: "What's he blowing about?"

Burns: "There's a new Las Vegas in Nevada. It has legalized gambling."

Earp: "Honest Injun?"

Burns: "Ah, you can't say that anymore. Politically incorrect."

Earp: "That's mighty queer."

Jeep Driver [chuckling]: "Welcome to Arizona. You're gonna fit right in "

Still noodling early morning light. Here is the third take on Wickenburg First Light:

When I went out to get the newspaper this morning I saw this pre-sunrise view between Lone and Black Mountain:

Also working on an aerial view of Orme School. Plus a couple of commissions. Lots to work on. Gee, I wonder what ol' Ralph Marston has to say about this?

"Hurrying through a task accomplishes little if it burns you out or forces you to compromise the quality of the work. Slowing down a little can often make the results come faster."
—Ralph Marston

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